Jayex Technology Limited is registered under Data Protection No. Z1221461

We recognise that your privacy is important and will only process your personal information lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (‘DPA’).

This guide has been published to ensure that customers are fully aware of how and why we collect information, to whom such information is disclosed and what their rights are.

What information do we collect and how do we obtain it?
We receive information when customers complete any of the forms on our website, write to us, request others to pass information onto us or have a telephone discussion with any of our staff.

How do we use information?
1. To produce an estimate for requested items and provide our services.

2. We may monitor or record telephone conversations with customers to ensure consistent service levels, to prevent or detect fraud and for training purposes. Customers will be advised at the start of any telephone conversation if this may happen.

3. Monitor customer traffic patterns and site usage to help us develop the design and layout of the site.

4. We may occasionally notify customers about enhancements to our services such as; new services, software enhancements and special offers.

5. The information we hold may be used as part of ongoing marketing programmes. We do not pass customer details onto any 3rd party by way of list selling or publishing.

6. To provide requested support services from time to time, using a secure Citrix link.

How do we support software remotely?
Security of all data is a fundamental concern for organisations such as Jayex. Accordingly we use “Citrix Online” using the latest security technology to ensure that the data exchanged between our support representatives and customers is completely secure, verified and protected with industry-standard authentication technology. Sessions are kept secure and private with the use of randomly generated session keys and advanced encryption.

How do we achieve this?
After our customer contacts us with an issue or question, if we cannot resolve the problem by talking the customer through to a solution and exploring the knowledge base collected over many years, we can refer customers to a link to our company web site. From here we open a “Permission-based” screen sharing session, giving us mouse, keyboard control and file transfer as necessary to assist in resolving the problem. An imperative exists that customers are aware of how we plan to proceed and permission is given by confirming to Jayex by email that they have read our privacy policy, sent by Jayex via email, web or fax before a session commences. If customers need to obtain authority due to specific market or regional responsibilities (i.e. a Medical Centre may need to seek permission from their PCT support) we will wait until the customer is completely satisfied with their data protection responsibilities before attempting a remote support session or software upgrade. This includes initial set up of software as required.

Once a screen-sharing session has begun, Jayex and the customer are connected via Citrix Online's communication server. Randomly generated session keys are issued to both participants to ensure that only the designated parties are connected. During the session, all transferred information, including screen views, file-transfer data and identities, are encrypted, compressed, encoded and decoded using Citrix Online's technology. Encryption and decryption are from end to end, so data cannot be read during transit and can only be viewed with secure software. The technology used is TRUSTe compliant, and Citrix Online is aTruSecure SiteSecure-certified Company.

Importantly our customer can only initiate these screen-sharing sessions. During a session, customers can decline the start of screen sharing or screen viewing, decline the initial download or refuse receipt of a transferred file. At any time customers can the take control of the mouse and keyboard or end screen sharing altogether. Once a session has ended, Jayex can no longer connect to the customers’ computer. Any future requests generate new session keys and can only be initiated by the customer.

Do we see and keep any information ?
No information from site is ever downloaded or saved. When the customer requests an encryption key, the session must commence within 5 minutes and is provided by the Jayex support representative which means screen-sharing sessions have to be initiated by the customer, not a support representative.

Our support representative sees only what the customer can see (and most importantly) only what they permit to be viewed on their computer screen. Before our support representative views any screen, permission will be sought and we will request that all documents are closed. It is important that in the event of either a Jayex or approved contractor being on site where remote assist is being used, the customer verifies and monitors use at all times. At any stage during a support session, the customer can take control of their computer just by moving the mouse; this ensures the customer understands they are in charge at all times.

At the beginning of a screen-sharing session, the customer and the support representative are connected via a communication server. The screen data that is passed between the customer and Jayex during a session is highly compressed using proprietary technology that can be viewed only with Citrix supplied “GoToAssist” software. This data is encrypted using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Privacy principles are TRUSTe compliant. After the session has ended, Jayex can no longer see the remote screen or access any remote computer unless the customer makes another explicit request for support.

Virus protection
Jayex and Citrix are as concerned as you are about this issue, so regular virus checks and updates are conducted. This helps us maintain our technology at the highest standard to ensure superior quality service. The warning message you might see on your screen is a default message displayed by your browser when you download executable files.

Your rights
If you do not want to continue to be contacted by Jayex Technology Limited, please write to:
Data Protection Department,
13 Sovereign Park, Coronation Road,
Park Royal, London NW10 7QP.

Your agreement
To ensure full compliance and protection of data, please email your Jayex support representative by sending a reply to their email to you before a support session. Please note this agreement is only in force for one remote session.

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