Car Parks & Traffic Control


Providing clear signage reduces congestion and helps maintain traffic flow. We have a range of fixed and mobile LED display solutions to meet your requirements.

Applications include:

  • Urban Traffic Management
  • Lane control
  • Car park guidance
  • Tunnels & Bridges



We produce a range of dynamic Parking Guidance displays and Variable Message systems (VMS) to help keep traffic moving leading up to car parks and within car park areas and avoid circulatory traffic congestion. Our variable text displays provide motorists with information relating to car park spaces and which car parks are full allowing them to make a decisive decision on their route. Our parking guidance displays can be used in conjunction with fixed sign plates.


Our LED advisory displays at the entrance of a multi-story car park, provides information to the driver of available spaces and on which level. Static signage combined with a Dynamic six character LED display can advise motorists if the level is “Full – Red LED” or “Spaces – Green LED”.

VMS (Variable Message Displays)

To assist multi - lane traffic flows, we manufacture the “Red cross” and “Green arrow” LED displays which give advance warning to traffic of lane closures. Additionally, we also provide Variable Message Displays (VMS) to provide useful advanced information to motorists of other obstacles and events that may cause delay to their journey. VMS displays can show a vast selection of Pictograms and legends.

Key features:

  • Hi-Definition matrix display – Designed to any size required
  • Full colour
  • Lightweight aluminium casing
  • Easily Programmable – Can display both legend and text
  • Ultra-bright LED’s – Can be seen in brightest of environments
  • Automatic or manual dimming control.
  • Controllable via RS232/485, GSM, Wireless Bluetooth.


For further information on our retail displays or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, contact us today on 020 8838 6222.


Also see vehicle-management-systems

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