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In today's fast-paced world of retail, you need to present compelling messages with striking visual clarity to stand out from the crowd. Whether it's exterior displays, in-store or in-window applications, our seamless displays producing rich, vibrant pictures can be individually designed to suit your application. Anything from a single line LED text display or a full colour LED or LCD video display will capture your audience's imagination. Our bespoke design and build service can help in recommending the best solution for you.

LED Retail displays

Our dynamic LED displays will help you grab your customer's attention, inform them, and positively influence their purchase-making decisions. Built of a modular construction, LED displays can be designed to almost any shape and size.

Key Benefits of Dynamic LED displays:

  • Eye catching - are more likely to get noticed than printed window posters
  • Reduce cost of promotions and campaigns – increase brand awareness
  • Bring new customers into your retail environment
  • Promotional tool – upcoming events
  • Advertise products and services at the point of purchase
  • Easy to use software - display new advertising messages instantly, locally or across a network with daily, weekly scheduling at the touch of a button
  • Automatic brightness control to adapt to bright ambient lighting
  • Energy efficient – low carbon footprint

LCD Retail Displays

For close up high definition, you may decide to use one of our Hi-Definition LCD  products with built-in Web Media Players. With no additional hardware or software required, i.e. DVD player or PC, they are easy to install and use. There is a selection of slim on-wall displays, multi-screen video wall display as well as free standing indoor and outdoor dynamic poster displays.

Key Benefits of LCD displays:

  • Built-in HD media player – no additional hardware required
  • Super slim profile
  • Commercial grade panels – wider viewing angles
  • Improved colour contrast and brightness – easier to see in light conditions
  • 24 hour/ 365 day use
  • Free scheduling software – allowing different content to be played at different times of the day
  • Eco friendly power timer
  • Landscape wall mount included

Window Displays

Window Displays play a key role in persuading potential customers to enter your store. Our M4 Digital Signage player is ideal for window advertising and allows retailers to update displays with new products and promotions, quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional poster advertising.

Simple Content Management

Retailers can design eye-catching screen layouts using the M4 "Scenes" editor and can schedule the content for different times of the day and days in the month.

By combining dynamic moving content with other useful store information such as opening times, retailers can create a professional display board to attract their customer's attention. Control can be carried out remotely via an easy-to-use web based interface, which allows changes to be uploaded to the players in advance of go live.

Internet Distribution

Retailers with a large chain of stores can make major cost savings compared to postal distribution of window and point of sale posters. The M4 can automatically download content from a central server in a head office across the Internet via an existing connection or a dedicated low-cost ADSL line. Content can be downloaded days or weeks in advance to ensure that all players have fetched promotional media in time for a campaign start date. Being internet connected also allows corrections or last minute updates to be rolled out to all stores in a matter of minutes.

A quality LED display has a potential life span of 11 or more years. Because of this, choosing a partner with a track record of providing the technical expertise, coupled with the highest level of support is important. With us you have 36 years of experience to assist you with your display requirements.

For further information on our retail displays or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, contact us today on 020 8838 6222.

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