LCD Forex Rate Boards


A range of Foreign Exchange Rate Boards for banks, currency dealers and Bureau de  changes.                                         



The LCD exchange rate displays use commercial grade LCD monitors and are controlled by our M4 web-media system which also allows full video, etc.

Powerful M4 Media player

Display Exchange Rates, Videos, Web, Text and Graphics. Manage your own design layouts, colour schemes and layouts. Available in various LCD screen sizes (e.g. 32", 40"), wall mounted or Totem

Web Media M4 browser access

Web Media M4 is designed to create a professional image by displaying digital information on LCD media screens. M4 can be installed as a standalone information solution or as a network of digital signs.

Totem-forex-board   Quick & paperless , under solo or shared control, simply managed for all levels of service, such as a single counter or across a national network.

Posters, scrolling text , web sites, images, animations, audio, flash files, internet broadcast news, Live TV (Freeview), RSS feeds and videos can all be managed with professional ease.

Digital screens can be set up quickly in single or split-screen modes on any size of monitor and are available in totem, wall or ceiling mount options. People have time to understand your message,
leading to better service promotion, increasing awareness.

Web Media M4 has its own advanced scheduler to set up presentations for showing when you want them.

M4 has an embedded website and a Linux platform accessible through admin control via your web browser and protected from viruses and the need to mange windows updates.

Admin control allows users to set levels of access for other staff to update only required areas , retaining control over design.

A unique feature is the ability to create a full screen show of videos and presentations in a single unlimited playlist.

HDMI, wireless, VGA, Catx connectivity as standard depending on operational requirements. No software needs to be installed on your network, providing total security and control from any workstation.

Unlimited M4 units can be set in groups to show the same (or a variety of different) media and automatically synchronize with each other. screens showing the same information can be connected via Cat5 wizards.

Single Web Media M4 screen configuration

M4 uses the latest web technologies to provide a fast, intuitive and easy to use web interface that can be accessed by any PC, Mac or Linux workstation on your network, without the need to install any client-side software applications or browser plug-ins.




The Jayex Web Media interface provides complete control and management of your player, from changing settings to uploading content, setting up a media playlist, creating a scene layout or editing a web page in addition to showing foreign exchange rates

Multiple Web Media M4 configuration with mirror unit

Web Media M4 with mirroring allows users to set up a network or players, all
synchronising their content to a single mirror unit.




Any changes made on the mirror unit are
automatically downloaded by the players.
M4 units and playlists can be assigned to "groups" allowing the same or different content on each player all
centrally controlled.

Multiple Web Media M4 configuration with mirror & authoring unit

Web Media M4 with mirroring & authoring allows the user to view output exactly as it will appear on the screen network before transmission. Synchronisation can be switched off temporarily to ensure that work-in-progress is not transmitted accidentally.

M4 feature summary

Scene Manager:

Easy to use layout feature to create or share high resolution presentations with multiple zones in a single scene.

Playlist Manager:

Add media directly or mix scenes, multimedia and web pages /RSS feeds.

Supports Freeview ™ digital TV with USB tuner or external video/DVD input (additional devices required).

Schedule Manager:

Time your presentations and content to display at any time in the future with the advanced scheduler.

Manage multiple units:

Choose what and where to display your presentations on one or more screens with central parent/child) split access control.

Top features:

Widgets - ease of use. - simple interfaces to control screens / Landscape and Portrait scene designer / Pre-set scrolling text/ On-line interactive manual / Full Scheduling. / Streaming of television / Message board system.


Download information sheet on LCD Exchange rate Boards

Also see Banking & Finance  applications.





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