LED Message Displays


Our range includes :

Single line LED scroller signs

A complete range of single line signs for indoor use with easy to use keypad or PC software.

* 12,288 character memory * Time & date * User drawn graphics * Beep feature * Separate message sections * European languages character sets * Security lock code * 8 pixel high to allow true descenders on characters * fat letters, pause, flash * 3 scrolling speeds  * scroll and wipe from left / right / up / down / centre / sides  * special display effects (cartoon, snow, shoot, rain, random) * 8 timer schedules for auto on/off and message change * Mono-colour models – user selectable standard or high brightness * Ultrabright 45 degree red LED models * Multi colour 9 colour models (red, orange, yellow, lime, green, light red, light yellow, light green, rainbow, black).

Download brochure - Single line LED signs

Download brochure - Ultrabright white LED sign

Multi-line LED displays

Our standard range includes 3, 6, 9, 12 line displays with 10, 20, 30 characters per line. Available in 3 cm or 5 cm high characters. Wall-mounted or Totem.

 * Program via Windows compatible software included - allows simulation on PC. Requires serial port and PS2 port on user PC with USB converter.  * 255 page memory in sign, pages can appear and wipe off with various effects: * Fat/normal text, user designed characters, time,date, timer scheduling, * Specify either red, green,  yellow, or Blue LEDs.

Download brochure - Multiline wallmounted LED displays

Download brochure - Totem Multiline LED displays


Graphic LED displays

A standard range of models that allow you to display variable size text, graphics and multiple languages. Designed for indoor use.

Minimum font size of characters using 7 x 5 matrix is 40mm high on A and D series or 50mm on B and C series. Using these fonts you can display the number of characters and numbers of lines indicated in the table.
You can use bigger font sizes to display fewer characters in fewer lines. Graphics can by drawn by the user.

Features :

* Display any language for which a true type font is available (Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, etc.)

* Display text and graphics in variable sizes with numerous special effects

* Display 100 pages in a sequence

* RS422 communication, Simulation on PC, PC Software

Download spec sheet:  105-Infovision-spec.pdf



Custom designed LED displays

Apart from our standard range we welcome enquiries to design special models. Control is via our PC software. We write custom software to interface with various  applications. Communication can be via direct cable (RS232 or RS485), TCP/IP, or via mobile networks.


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