Railway Ticket Counters

After winning a tender to design, supply and install new queue management systems for new GNER stations and station refurbishments, we designed a bespoke system that
allows the counter units to be programmed with up to 8 different 2 line messages "Counter Closed", "All Tickets", etc. and to change those messages as required by depressing the button on the keypad.

A LED number on the back of the display tells the cashier which message is being displayed. A "Please Go to Counter" Main Display with Voice option is also available for larger stations.

  • Counter Display features
  • High contrast bright Red LEDs
  • Slim-line case in requested RAL colour
  • Pre-recorded voice announcement in English (other languages available)
  • Wall, Ceiling or Counter fittings

Keypad Features

  • Single button push to call next number
  • Select the message to be displayed

You can see the system in action at Bath, Oxford and Reading main line stations with new installations at Bristol Temple Meads and Paddington Stations.


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