Computerised Queue Systems


Our modular computerised system allows management of multiple services, data capture, reporting and integration with media. Slick hardware and software from an experienced company. 

Computerised Series Queue Management

JQL "M" Series
This is a basic QMS supporting One Queue with Operation with maximum of six counters.

JQL "L" Series
This is the most popular client flow management solution. It is suitable for small to medium-size
offices and client care centres.

JQL "P" Series
JQL "P" Series solutions are recommended for organisations which are looking for
client flow management.


  • Structured Approach
  • Real Time Data
  • Correct Information on Wait time
  • Efficient flow of information
  • Queue Length
  • Average Wait Time
  • Counter Operator Productivity

Flow Process

  • Customer selects reason for visit from the touch screen options.
  • A ticket is printed with a number, patient waits to be called.
  • An available consultant calls the next ticket.
  • Displayed on the screen.
  • Voice Announcement in English to notify the customer.
  • All actions are recorded in the SQL database which is hosted on the server PC. Tickets issued, time of consultation, average waiting times, number of tickets seen per department, reasons for visit etc.
  • A number of reports can be collated based on the above criteria.


  • Management software to configure the queue according to departments and services.
  • Configure Staff users and unique log in codes, reason codes, desk configuration.
  • Main Display configurable message; set from software.
  • Ticket information: name of company, special messages, average waiting times.
  • All transactions are recorded in an SQL database; time of ticket issue, time of consultation, close of consultation, reason for visit, user information etc.
  • Counter Call software allows you edit a ticket, delete from queue, rearrange the queue, advisor can call out of sequence.

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