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Working alongside specialist integrators to provide bespoke display solutions for the transportation sector including bus stations, railway stations and sea ports.

LED Displays

We provide a range of indoor and outdoor displays to meet the demands of a busy environment. Single line, Bi-Line, Multi-Line and full video displays can all be provided as part of a wayfinding, information or notice board solution. Our weatherproof designed LED displays are ideally suited for outdoor use and harsh conditions where traditional displays would find it hard to cope. Single line and multi-line displays can be provided to virtually any size, are extremely versatile and can be updated both quickly and efficiently.

LCD Displays

Where closer viewing and hi-res definition is required, we offer a selection of industrial LCD displays for the transportation markets. Used in conjunction with our powerful Web media player, LCD displays can be used to provide information as dynamic wayfinding, electronic notice boards and passenger information display solutions.

The Jayex M4 digital signage player is used for a number of different digital signage applications within the public transport sector:

  • Real Time
  • Passenger Information displays
  • Fare information and advertising in passenger terminals
  • Position information (next stop) within vehicles
  • Displaying mandatory safety videos on ferries and other vehicles
  • Infotainment on vehicles and in waiting areas.

The M4 Digital Signage player is flexible enough to allow for a number of different information sources to be
displayed at the same time. By using split screens and ticker text, a screen can display latest arrival times, local advertising and important messages all at the same time.

M4 can interface with a variety number of data sources, including ticket machines, GPS/AIS positioning, remote
weather and travel information services. MS4 can display advertising media supplied in a variety of formats including static GIF/JPEG/PNG, MPEG2/MPEG4 video, HTML and Flash™.

Vandal Proof Displays and Light boxes

Screens for public transport applications are often placed in quite vulnerable positions, therefore we offer a number of armoured screen solutions for protecting smaller in-vehicle screens, and larger information/advertising screens within terminals.

Our armoured screens are a very cost effective replacement for traditional advertising light boxes, allowing more
adverts to be displayed to customers with automatic scheduling and content updates and play-out logs.

If you're looking for a bespoke display solution, our special projects team can assist you in designing and building LED and LCD displays into aluminium fabricated surrounds for special applications.

Typical areas of use include:

  • Arrivals and departure boards (PID's)
  • Real Time Passenger Information displays
  • (RTPI)
  • Gate/Platform Boarding information displays
  • Security information
  • Aircraft Guidance
  • Check-in counter displays
  • Call forward and Queue management
  • Baggage handling
  • Car park information
  • Vehicle queuing

For further information on our retail displays or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, contact us today on 020 8838 6222.


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