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A  range of  price displays for petrol stations with ultrabright wide angle LEDs in red, green, amber, blue or white . Remote control system means you do not have to lay any cables and can update price changes instantly. Available in a range of digit heights : 10 in, 12 in, 16 in and 24 in .

All supplied in IP65 rated steel cases for positioning into your forecourt housings..

Ideal for all petrol forecourts and gas stations.


Tick Cross-Port of Felixstowe

We produce a range of dynamic Parking Guidance displays leading up to car parks and within car park areas as well as Highways displays including Variable Message systems (VMS) and Vehicle activated signs (VAS) to help keep traffic flow moving, avoid congestion and provide useful information to motorists.

Our variable text displays provide motorists with information relating to car park spaces and which car parks are full allowing them to make a decisive decision on their route. Our parking guidance displays can be used in conjunction with fixed sign plates.


Our LED advisory displays at the entrance of a multi-story car park, provides information to the driver of available spaces and on which level. Static signage combined with a Dynamic six character LED display can advise motorists if the level is “Full – Red LED” or “Spaces – Green LED”.


To assist multi - lane traffic flows, we manufacture the “Red cross” and “Green arrow” LED displays which give advance warning to traffic of lane closures. Additionally, we also provide Variable Message Display Systems (VMS) to provide useful advanced information to motorists of other obstacles and events that may cause delay to their journey.

VMS displays can show a vast selection of pictograms and legends.

Key features:

  • Hi-Definition matrix display – Designed to any size required
  • Full colour
  • Lightweight aluminium casing
  • Easily Programmable – Can display both legend and text
  • Ultra-bright LED’s – Can be seen in brightest of environments
  • Automatic or manual dimming control.
  • Controllable via RS232/485, GSM, Wireless Bluetooth.




Also see car-parks-traffic-control


We provide a wide range of LED traffic calming displays which provide information to road users and help in keeping our urban areas safer. Designed specifically for Highways and other applications such as School areas, caravan sites, Industrial estates and private roads, the Jayex TCD's give visual information of driver speeds as well as information regarding potential road hazards such as incidents and weather conditions etc. All displays comply with the Highways Agency technical specifications, EN12966 compliant LEDs and UK manufactured and approved radar sensors.

Vehicle Activated Signs - VAS

Vehicle activated signs provide information to road users of the permitted speed within an area or can indicate the actual speed of a particular vehicle. The JXSS range are a fixed roundel display that indicate to road users the permissible speed and have an option of text legends such as "Slow Down" as well as amber Wig-Wags. Powered by 24v mains or solar power, the JXSS range come in a range of sizes including 300, 450, 600, 700 and 900mm roundels/Warning triangles.

The JXYSS display indicates to road users their actual speed should they be over the permissible speed limit. Options include text legends such as "Slow Down/Thank You" All displays are built into a robust tamperproof aluminium case. Additional options include 3G communications and Display and data collection.

Variable Message Display Signs - VMS

Variable message display signs display text information and TSRDG Pictograms relating to traffic information, events and potential hazards and help to maintain traffic flow on our roads and motorways. The JXVMS display comes in a range of sizes with options of Landscape or Portrait format as well as single colour amber LEDs or Tri-colour. Easily updated with our Windows compatible software makes the JXVMS a versatile and powerful information tool.

Contact us today on 020 8838 6222 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements or to arrange a no obligation meeting.

Also see car-parks-traffic-control


We offer the complete range of LCD screens (24 in to 65 in) managed by our M4 web media system.

M4 can be installed as a standalone information solution or as a network of digital signs. Quick & paperless , under solo or shared control, simply managed for all levels of service, such as a single site or across a branch network.

Posters, scrolling text , web sites, images, animations, audio, flash files, internet broadcast news, Live TV (Freeview), RSS feeds and videos can all be managed with professional ease. Digital screens can be set up quickly in single or split-screen modes on any size of monitor and are available in totem, wall or ceiling mount options.

People have time to understand your message, leading to better education, service promotion, increasing awareness and attendance . Web Media M4 has its own advanced scheduler to set up presentations for showing when you want.

Powerful M4 Media player

Display Videos, Web, Text, tables and Graphics. Manage your own design layouts, colour schemes and layouts. Available in various LCD screen sizes (e.g. 32", 40"), wall mounted or Totem

Web Media M4 browser access

Web Media M4 is designed to create a professional image by displaying digital information on LCD media screens. M4 can be installed as a standalone information solution or as a network of digital signs.

Totem-forex-board   Quick & paperless , under solo or shared control, simply managed for all levels of service, such as a single counter or across a national network.

Posters, scrolling text , web sites, images, animations, audio, flash files, internet broadcast news, Live TV (Freeview), RSS feeds and videos can all be managed with professional ease.

Digital screens can be set up quickly in single or split-screen modes on any size of monitor and are available in totem, wall or ceiling mount options. People have time to understand your message, leading to better service promotion, increasing awareness.

Web Media M4 has its own advanced scheduler to set up presentations for showing when you want them.

M4 has an embedded website and a Linux platform accessible through admin control via your web browser and protected from viruses and the need to mange windows updates.

Admin control allows users to set levels of access for other staff to update only required areas , retaining control over design.

A unique feature is the ability to create a full screen show of videos and presentations in a single unlimited playlist.

HDMI, wireless, VGA, Catx connectivity as standard depending on operational requirements. No software needs to be installed on your network, providing total security and control from any workstation.

Unlimited M4 units can be set in groups to show the same (or a variety of different) media and automatically synchronize with each other. screens showing the same information can be connected via Cat5 wizards.

Single Web Media M4 screen configuration

M4 uses the latest web technologies to provide a fast, intuitive and easy to use web interface that can be accessed by any PC, Mac or Linux workstation on your network, without the need to install any client-side software applications or browser plug-ins.


The Jayex Web Media interface provides complete control and management of your player, from changing settings to uploading content, setting up a media playlist, creating a scene layout or editing a web page in addition to showing foreign exchange rates

Multiple Web Media M4 configuration with mirror unit

Web Media M4 with mirroring allows users to set up a network or players, all synchronising their content to a single mirror unit.


Any changes made on the mirror unit are automatically downloaded by the players. M4 units and playlists can be assigned to "groups" allowing the same or different content on each player all centrally controlled.

Multiple Web Media M4 configuration with mirror & authoring unit

Web Media M4 with mirroring & authoring allows the user to view output exactly as it will appear on the screen network before transmission. Synchronisation can be switched off temporarily to ensure that work-in-progress is not transmitted accidentally.

M4 feature summary

Scene Manager:

Easy to use layout feature to create or share high resolution presentations with multiple zones in a single scene.

Playlist Manager:

Add media directly or mix scenes, multimedia and web pages /RSS feeds.

Supports Freeview ™ digital TV with USB tuner or external video/DVD input (additional devices required).

Schedule Manager:

Time your presentations and content to display at any time in the future with the advanced scheduler.

Manage multiple units:

Choose what and where to display your presentations on one or more screens with central parent/child) split access control.

Top features:

Widgets - ease of use. - simple interfaces to control screens / Landscape and Portrait scene designer / Pre-set scrolling text/ On-line interactive manual / Full Scheduling. / Streaming of television / Message board system.

Frequently asked questions :

Q. Do I need any specialist software to control my WebMedia M4 from a PC?

A.  No, the WebMedia M4 has all the software built in and accessible via a web browser interface which means that there is no extra management software that needs to be installed on local PC's.

Q. How do I set-up initial settings on a WebMedia M4 like network etc.?

A. There is an on-screen menu which allows you to set this – after it is set up, you can either control the unit by a web browser from a PC

Q. Can you do screen layouts with multiple areas doing different things easily?

A. Yes, with WebMedia scenes, you can layout the screen with the media you want using a simple click and drag interface all through the web browser.

Q. I want some people to be able to change some of the information on the screens, but not give them access to the whole system – is this possible?

A. WebMedia Scenes allows the creation of an overall screen design with the ability to "lock" areas to prevent them being changed, while making content in other areas adjustable by another user. This means information relevant to a certain department can be altered locally by that department, while corporate notices and branding are controlled centrally.

Q. We only use Apples - will WebMedia M4 work with Apple Macs?

A. Yes, as the interface is browser based, it is compatible with any platform, be it Apple, Linux or Windows. A number of design companies use Apples with WebMedia M4 every day.

Q. Is the WebMedia M4 available as a software only package?

A. No, the WebMedia M4 is an appliance and uses specific hardware to enable it to carry out its tasks. 

Q. Can the WebMedia M4 drive more than one screen?

A. Yes, by using a VGA splitter (sender and receivers). The video feed is split and each screen displays the same content.

(NB. For each different set of content (channel) you have playing, you will need an additional WebMedia M4).

Example (a):

2 screens playing the same content in reception, a single screen in the Main waiting area and a single screen in the Sub waiting area.

You will need = 3 WebMedia M4 units with 4 screens, a VGA splitter and 2 receivers.

Example (b):

4 screens playing the same content all the time.

You will need 1 WebMedia M4 with 4 screens, a VGA splitter and 4 receivers.

Q. Can I see the content of the WebMedia M4 before I send the layouts to my screens?

A. Yes, you can get a good idea of the layout in your web browser, but will need to invest in an additional M4 unit (an authoring unit) to fully visualise the content and layout before sending to screens. This is really only required on larger networks.

Q. Are there any recommended web browsers to use?

A. WebMedia M4 is an advance feature rich solution. It will give you better access to features and design results if you use a later version of any web browser. Jayex recommends the use of Firefox and does not support WebMedia M4 use with I.E older versions such as I.E 6 or 7.

Q. Why shouldn't I just use a PC running PowerPoint or some other digital signage software?

A. One of the key things to note is that the M4 does not require the maintenance overhead of a standard PC, requires no software installation on your network or an Anti-Virus policy, but other key points include;

Remote Access – Controlled by a web interface, updated over the network

Timed Content – Automatically changes playing content at various times of the day

Reliability – Solid state operating system provides maximum resilience (e.g. recovers from power failures and reduced risk of corruption)

Security – Secure communication prevents unwanted changes

Save Energy and Reduce Costs – A WebMedia M4 player draws 1/10 of the power used by an average desktop PC – about the same as an energy saving light bulb. 

Q. If I have a number of WebMedia M4 units do can I control them all from the same place?

A. Yes, you simply nominate one WebMedia M4 to act as a supervisory (authoring) unit and create all your content on this. You can assign the different content to different groups and then you simply telly our other WebMedia M4 units which group they are in.

Q. Can I use a WebMedia M4 somewhere I don't have a network connection e.g. for an event?

A. Yes, the WebMedia M4 can create a media USB key, which when put into another WebMedia M4 will upload the content. This allows you to easily transfer play-lists to WebMedia M4s that don't have local network connections.

(Nb. It is also a quick way of transferring data where the connection is particularly slow)

Q. Is the WebMedia M4 able to be used interactively?

A. Yes, WebMedia M4 is the only digital signage player to work with Jayex applications such as: patient call, waiting room updates, way finding and exchange rate software.

Nb. It can even support certain types of touch screen usages (e.g. the 3M Micro-touch for certain applications).

Q. Will the WebMedia M4 run PowerPoint Presentations?

A. Not directly, but it will run a PowerPoint that has been saved out as jpeg slides as a slideshow, or you can use a piece of software such as Wondershare's PPT-to-Video package





Download brochure on Digital Signage

Download brochure on Totem LCD Displays



content being updated

Download brochure on Digital Signage

Download brochure on Totem LCD Displays


queue-system-c series

A complete range of Queue Systems for every application. 

Queue System A

Designed for simple queuing applications. Customer collects pre-printed ticket from a wall mounted dispenser; then the call is made from any of the counter mimic keypads so the caller knows which number to expect. The other counter keypads will then synchronize to show the same number on their mimic displays.

Download brochure - Queue System - A

Queue System B

The B series is designed as a modular Queue System. It directs a customer holding a numbered ticket to the first available room or counter. Customer collects pre-printed ticket from wall-mounted dispenser and the call is made from a single button or keypad at each caller's location. Optional over counter or room digit displays identify the caller.

Download brochure - Queue System - B

Queue System C

C series is a modular Queue System. It directs the next customer to the first available room or counter. The
call is made from a single button at each caller's location. The counter digit displays identify the caller's location. No tickets are required.

Download brochure - Queue System - C

Queue System H

This Queue System is designed for where sets of numbers are needed to be shown at the same time, directing a customer holding a numbered ticket to a single location. Ideal for Food order or Pharmacy counters. The mimic keypad allows ticket numbers to be called out of sequence. Customer is issued with pre-printed ticket; the call is made from a LED mimic keypad at a single location. A new call appears on the lower right side of the display and stays on until it reaches the top left.

Download brochure - Queue System - H

Simple Tickets and Ticket Dispnsers

Download brochure - Queue Tickets 

Fully computerised modular Queue Management System

Our modular computerised system allows management of multiple services, data capture, reporting and integration with media. Slick hardware and software from an experienced company. Read the attached brochure to see how comprehensive and advanced our queue management solution is.

Download brochure on computerised Queue system

Do consult us for advice and suggestions.